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Systemize your professional service team
so you can reclaim your time
and do more of what you love.


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SYSTEMology® Framework


Ask Yourself...

  • Are you too busy mired in the daily operations to think and work strategically ON the business?

  • Do you worry about burnout, for you and your key staff?

  • Do team members generate inconsistent client outcomes? Do they have their own "creative" ways of doing things?

  • Do parts of the business not function well when a team member is away?

Are you doing the work your team should do?

You started your business to have an impact and create freedom - why do you feel exhausted and trapped?

This awkward stage is completely normal, and fixing it will give you the space to scale your impact and profit, without burning out.

I hired a smart team, but I'm still working all the time!!!
Are you constantly getting pulled into situations you could let your team handle?
Yeah, and my full schedule is blocking the work I should be doing!
Wouldn't you love to be able to take a real vacation and not fee guilty?
Oh god... I wish!

Let's Create a System to Reclaim Your Time

I'm Jalen Séguin, and I've seen the drained faces of overworked business owners transform. I've seen them get their energy back, their inspiration, and their time - and I want that for you too.

How did we do it? Creating and implementing effective business processes so your team could run the company without you.

As a certified SYSTEMologist and operations consultant, I offer time-tested frameworks, tools, and support methods that have delivered results for hundreds of businesses.

Freeing you to discover growth opportunities, take a worry-free vacation with your family, and focus on the impact you want to create.

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Business Operations Services

Systems Foundation

Coaching & Training

Lay a solid groundwork for your future success. Ideal for smaller teams or those just starting out, this offering provides essential operations coaching, training, and support to adopt best practices, establish a process-driven culture and maximize efficiency.

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Systems Copilot

Done With You

We'll be alongside to navigate your growing business toward streamlined operations. Tailored for teams of 5 to 30, this comprehensive solution offers in-depth training, operations consulting, software, and support, empowering you to systemize your business effectively.

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Systems Master Pilot

Done For You

Expedited service to implement processes as soon as possible. Designed for teams of 5 to 30 that need results quickly, this all-inclusive option includes training, coaching, support, and hands-on assistance to systemize your business effectively and efficiently.

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SYSTEMology Framework

What is SYSTEMology® ?

SYSTEMology® is a breakthrough approach to systemizing small businesses. It turns your owner-dependent business into one that runs with the precision of a Swiss watch. It is quite literally the system for systemizing your business.

As a certified SYSTEMologist, I will work with you through a proven, 7-step systemization framework – designed so that even the busiest business owner can deploy it.

Get Started Systemizing Your Business


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Our team will walk you through the Critical Client Flow, step 1 of SYSTEMology®, to get an X-Ray view of your operations.


Watch Your Business Transform

With the foundations and method in place you'll see how every new documented business process multiplies your efficiency.

Ready To Bust Some Systemization Myths?

I bet I'll have to create hundreds of business processes to systemize my company?
Skilful prioritization is core to our method, we'll help you focus on the 20% that will give you the 80% impact. You'd be surprised how much difference a few strategic processes can make
I'm not sure systemizing is for me. I'm worried that it will destroy creativity
Not when done right. We will systemize the boring and uninspiring parts of work so your team can spend their time on the parts that require their brilliance and creativity
I'm busy and don't have the time to create systems
Actually, in many cases, business owners are the last person who should be creating systems. SYSTEMology accounts for that
Even if I put systems in place, my team won’t follow them
It's true that some people can resist change, but effective change management that enrolls your team will make a major difference.

This is why there is a strategic advantage to systemizing sooner than later. The longer people are used to "an old way." the more effort it might take to make changes. Even established teams can embrace systems when they see all the benefits
Creating systems is super time-consuming. I don't have the time
When it's done right, it doesn't take much of your time. The first secret is that creating systems is that it's a two-person job. The second secret: use the System for Creating Systems (SYSTEMology)

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