Why Choose Questio?

We're inspired and committed to lifting up those who are lifting up the world. We help purpose-driven professional service agencies streamline their operations and develop the capacity to handle growth using a potent synergy of process documentation, software integration and applied psychology.

While it may come as a surprise to hear from a company that systemizes businesses, we know that our people-first approach is our unique strength.

FUN FACT: It turns out that businesses are groups of people, and throwing processes & technology at them isn't a formula for success.

While it's well known that you can't sustainably grow a business without good processes and technology, the core of any business is people. We all know that people tend to require additional support embracing change, and that's where the benefit of applied psychology comes into play.

We use the SYSTEMology® framework to harvest the best practices of business, and it's sensitive to the people dimension. However, given the complex nature of behaviour change, it's important to bring the right tools to the job, such as Appreciative Inquiry and habit science.

What Is Our Success Formula?

  • Decades of experience streamlining small business operations
  • Using a proven and reliable system for harvesting best practices
  • Leveraging leading edge psychology (Appreciative Inquiry & Habit Science) to support behaviour change
  • Highly effective software integration
  • A core commitment to supporting business as a force for good
The Questio Formula: Process Documentation + Software Integration + Applied Psychology

The Team That Will Help Streamline Your Operations

Jalen Séguin // Operations & Leadership
Siri Amrit Khalsa // Finance & Leadership
Brianna LePiane // Sales Process Optimization
Nina Perez // Relationships & Influence